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16 inches

Size: 40.6 x 50.8 x 3.5cm


a colourful and intense painting of a lightning storm over rough sea

20 inches

a blue wall with an acrylic painting of a storm on it.
close up detail of an orange sky and rough sea painting
side view of a box canvas painting of a storm at sea

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Price: £244

Materials: Painted using acrylics and marker pen on 11oz, 100% cotton duck weave, triple primed canvas stretched over a wooden box frame (3.5cm deep)


Description: I always seem to paint the weather when I am a bit frustrated, unsettled or grumpy. The blacker the painting the more disruptive my mood. This one also tied in with watching two dramatic thunderstorms recently in Croatia, and then flying back into the UK for another one!


Authentication: The painting comes with the artists signature on either the left or right lower corner as well as an Authentication Certificate containing purchase information. A disclaimer is also included to guard against copyright fraud.


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Title: The Tempest

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