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I got asked a random interview question the other day....


Klimt was known for symbolism, and Picasso pioneered assemblage. If you were to be known worldwide, what style/s would you like to be celebrated for and why?


"If I could be known worldwide in the first place I don’t think I would be too picky! But if I am being serious I would like to be known for my use of colour and my sense of place. When I paint, I always try to show what the weather was like, how it felt to be there, what it means to me, or why I found it inspiring. I think it is important in this day of perfect paintings, and high definition photographs to show something else. If you want a perfect image, then taking a photo, or visiting it in real life is easier than it has ever been. A painting needs to be something different, something personal to me, and have soul. My paintings aren’t perfect, the windows don’t always line up, the trees aren’t totally accurate but I don’t think that is important for the overall effect. I want people to take something from the imperfections. My work overall is optimistic, and the use of colour goes a long way to achieving this. We seem to lose colour as we grow up, we are surrounded by it in our toys as children but then it disappears somewhere along the line. I think it is time to bring some brightness back. Colours help make my life warmer".  


Art is also a great therapy for me, it has been with me through the good times and the bad times and without it I would cope with life far less well than I do.


A dramatic event started my ‘art career’ when my brother Mark became ill with cancer and subsequently died in 2006. His courage, fighting when he was ill, brought home to me, the urgency of doing things now and not waiting until it is too late. You can’t fail if you don’t try, but then you can’t win either.


This website is dedicated to Mark, for giving me the courage to follow my dreams and try to become a self-sufficient artist, and showing me never to give up, no matter how bad things are.


I hope my paintings can inspire you, or that you can enjoy them for whatever reason. I have been more than happy to create them for you!


All the best in the world.

Black and White portrait photograph of the contemporary artist Laura Hol
hand written name Laura
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