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Size: 40.6 x 50.8 x 3.5cm


16 inches

A painting of a stormy sea in the style of The Scream. For sale.

20 inches

Painting of a stormy sea against an orange sky, hanging on a wall
Close up painting detail of a stormy sea
Side view of a box canvas paitning of a rough sea and orange sky.

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Price: £244

Materials: Painted using acrylics on 11oz, 100% cotton duck weave, triple primed canvas stretched over a wooden box frame (3.5cm deep)


Description: I was in a weird mood yesterday, frustrated by what we can and can't do in 'lockdown', feeling battered and bruised by information, opinions, politics and even the weather! In a slightly different style to my usual and a bit intense, I almost feel like I have painted my version of 'The Scream' !! 


Authentication: The painting comes with the artists signature on either the left or right lower corner as well as an Authentication Certificate containing purchase information. A disclaimer is also included to guard against copyright fraud.


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Title: Impasse

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